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A Home Inspection is your opportunity to 'check under the hood' and get to know the property in detail. We examine the house inside and out, and educate you on the building envelope, structure and systems, operation and maintenance. It is recommended to request a Seller's Disclosure in writing; sellers are required to answer truthfully. 

What Buyers Need to Know About Home Inspection in MA

MA Standards of Practice:
For a complete listing of items we inspect and exclusions, please see the Massachusetts 266 CMR

regulations for Home Inspectors:

Guide to Radon Gas in Homes:


Lead in Homes:

All About Deleading:

Building Science- Mold:

Mold in Central A/C Systems:

Asbestos- Dangers and Abatement:

Wood Smoke and Your Health:

Building Science- Ice Dams:

MA Clean Energy Center- Residential:

MA Clean Energy Center- Solar Electricity:

Benefits of Home Energy Assessment:

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority:

Remodeling- Professional Organization of New England:


ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors:


Accent Hoe Inspection, LLC Chestnut Hill, MA
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